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Access Benefit Comp Is Out

The Access Comp benefiting the DC Abortion Fund (DCAF) is now available. This compilation features BLK w/ BEAR, Layne Garrett, Grapefruit Experiment, Sandy Marshall, and Soft Pieces. GFX’s contribution is “Irigaray.”

You can order the CDR from Zach Mason (Soft Pieces).


Compilation for Reproductive Rights

The murder of Dr. Tiller inspired Zach Mason (Softpieces) to bring together experimental noise/sound artists to raise for issues related to reproductive rights. Zach asked us to perform and contribute to a compilation CD-R. Unfortunately the show is schedule during our visit in the UK. We will contribute the live recording of our performance of “Irigaray” at Queering Sound 09. Thanks to Steve Sanford for recording it.

Here are our liner notes:

//Grapefruit Experiment (Wendy Hsu & Carey Sargent) dedicates “Irigaray” to the compilation to support women’s rights to control their bodies. Inspired by the writing of Lucy Irigaray, we construct a feedback guitar/percussion/electronics system to create a non-linear sonic experience. Emphasizing the body, this piece outputs sound from bodily-engaged gestures.//

All the funds generated from the CD-R sales will go to the DC Abortion Fund.