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Charlottesville Bike Ensemble Supports Petrol-Free Gypsy Carnival Tour

GFX coordinated the second installment of the Charlottesville Bike Ensemble performance at Random Row Books on May 13, 2010. This performance supported the Petrol-Free Gypsy Carnival Tour, “a bicycle-powered music and art tour to promote peace, social justice, and a healthy planet. On the tour, musicians carry only the essential instruments from city to city on their bicycles.” Part of our set is recorded as a part of the documentary video of the entire Petrol-Free tour.

After our Matmos-inspired beat-oriented bike noise set, we sang and dance with everyone involved in the tour. It was a beautiful night. We’re happy and honored to have participated in this collective experience.


Playing Bike (Noise), Spreading Bike Love

Charlottesville bike activist Shell Stern invited me to co-organize and perform at the Kickstand Bike Zine Release Party. To fit the Audio March theme at The Bridge PAI, we decided to add a bike noise component to the event. A few weeks prior to the event, I rounded up some local bike lovers to join me in the bike noise performance.

At the event, the first half of our set featured me and Carey (GFX); in the second half, we were joined by Dylan Mulshine (aka Rhythm Bandit) and Ken Margolius (local bike mechanic guru!). Ken brought his “most musical bike.” Dylan played percussive sounds while processing them on metallic bike components.  The evening’s program also showcased zine reading, bike story telling by Secretly Y’all. It closed with a final bike noise jam involving members of the audience.

A debut of the Charlottesville Bike Ensemble. Anyone in? We will probably gather again for a summer performance at Random Row Bookstore. Let me (wendy.f.hsu [at] know if you’re interested.


Charlottesville Bike Ensemble [GFX + Ken Margolius + Dylan Mulshine]

The Everyone Jam

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View the entire Flick photo set from this event