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Brainstorming Song Titles

With Pinkos, we were never good with naming tracks. Maybe this has something to do with the abstract sounds and anti-conventional methods of sound-making that Pinkos strive for. But the process of naming happens with much ease with GX. Yesterday after practice, Carey and I looked at our materials and began discoursing (briefly) about the meanings of these songs to us.

With the piece featuring feedback as a sound-making method and an aesthetic, we cited the Belgian feminist literary critic Lucy Irigaray. With the title of “Irigaray”, we deploy feedback centralizing its quality of non-distinguishable dynamics between two or more sources. We borrow from Écriture féminine to use feedback to create a kind of non-singular subjectivity against the masculinist subjectivity written into the history of text (in the western hemisphere). Emphasizing the body, this piece outputs sound from bodily-engaged gestures.

With the “disco noise” piece, we’re calling it “n+1 to the Floor.” This titles brings us back to the mid-1970s disco era, referencing the persistant pulse of club music articulated by the bass drum, also know as “four to the floor.” Implementing this idea while inserting math-y (rock) rhythmic elements and randomizing noisy timbres (via bit reduction) into the system, we bring forth a kind of semi-rationalized aesthetics highlighting the tension between structure and freedom. We call it “n+1”. The guitar part of the piece also uses “chicken scratch”, a disco technique used by rhythm guitarists who mute the sound by pressing against the strings with the palm.


Ideas are ideas. Practice makes perfect.