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Documentation from Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Insane trip. Our ride from DC to New York took 8 hours – the police along with homeland security vehicles blocked off two stretches near air force bases on I-95. We arrived way behind schedule and had to set up in 10 minutes. We didn’t even have time for refresh ourselves and say hi to our friends. We then jumped right into playing our duo noise set fully utilizing the sound, equipment, and the space of a rock venue. I thought my bike sounded great through the PA system. Jack Tung said that our set was ‘brutal.’ 🙂

Thanks to Kite Operations for inviting us play and again, congratulations to your new album Festival. It’s breathtaking. It’s a feat!

We didn’t even have to set up our recording devices. Thanks to Dave Yang of K.O. and many other for documenting our set!

pictures by Tom Lin

**Bikes bikes bikes!**


“N+1 to the Floor”


11/21 Show Poster Released!

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