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Audio Documentation: Queering Sound 09

I finally got around to posting the live audio tracks from Queering Sound 09. This setlist includes a “cover” of “AOS” by Yoko Ono and Ornette Coleman on the Plastic Ono Band’s self-titled album. Also it includes an improvised set with our friend Martin Terrazas on guitar.

Here are the tracks in the order of the setlist.

1. Untitled Introduction
2. “Irigaray”
3. Improv with Martin Terrazas
4. “AOS” [a cover of Yoko Ono and Ornette Coleman]

All the tracks are cateloged on

These tracks were recorded by Steve Sanford. Thanks, Steve!


Press on Grapefruit Experiment @ Queering Sound 09

We played at Queering Sound 09 at Pyramid Atlantic in downtown Silver Spring on Saturday. Along with a few of self-composed numbers, we played a cover of “AOS”, an instructional piece written by Yoko Ono for her collaboration with Ornette Coleman. We also played a short improvised piece with our friend Martin Terrazas. It was super fun!

This great two-day event was organized by Jim Adams and made possible by Triangle Artists Group and Sonic Circuits. The Saturday portion features experimental DC’ers including: BLK w/ BEAR + VJ Poppins, Dead Violets, Grapefruit Experiment, Nick Lopata, and Elite Barbarian.

The Silver Spring Penguin covered the event with a nice photo and description of GFX.

Two photos taken by Chester Hawkins:

Beautiful pictures taken by our friend Hong “Waldo” Nguyen will soon be posted.